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When thinking of Gantry Crane Manufacturers Singapore, frame cranes usually come to mind. But when no overhead runway is needed, these cranes are ideal for various industrial settings. UNIPAC Engineering Pte. Ltd. is one such manufacturer that is committed to providing high-quality services in Singapore. This company specializes in a variety of lifts, including scissor lifts, trade weight lifting machines, and frame cranes.

These overhead cranes can be characterized by massive rubber wheels or small casters. The details of these cranes depend on the frequency and conditions of operation, as well as the weight of materials to be lifted. Often, framing cranes feature 2 bearing beams that are placed side-by-side, with a winch mounted between them. At higher heights, the winches can be placed farther from the bottom.

MHE-Demag Singapore installed robust Gantry Crane Singapore for SK E&C. The company is one of five companies contracted by Singapore Power to build the Transmission Cable Tunnels, which are 35km long and 60m underground. This project is designed to ensure that the power supply is both reliable and of high quality. Construction on the Transmission Cable Tunnels began in 2012, with completion scheduled for 2018.

Rotomatik Singapore won two government projects in the past few years. In 2012, it was awarded the Tuas Depot project. This project included 9 units of overhead double girder cranes with spans ranging from 28.7 m to 30 ton. The company also supplied 3 units of two-ton pillar-slewing jib cranes. In addition, Rotomatik won a tender for a two-ton monorail hoist system.

Dongqi Cranes has a Sino-New Zealand joint venture with European technology. Their high-quality products have been used by several industries, including Penangport, Siam Yamato Steel, and Chevron. Alatas Singapore is a crane specialist in the marine, offshore, construction, and shipyard sectors. They have a wide range of cranes and specialize in customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

When space is at a premium, semi-gantry cranes are an excellent option. These cranes can be used indoors and outdoors, and are often made to carry heavy inventory. These machines are easily disassembled for easy storage or alternative uses, and they are ideal for companies with multiple work areas. You can also transport them to and from a new location. You don't have to invest in costly cranes when you can move and reposition them on the same site.

PSA Singapore is a world-famous transshipment hub. It handles larger container ships than ever. Its seven terminals are connected to 600 other ports. Each vessel has a complicated relationship with hundreds of other vessels. Its operations are automated, and PSA relies heavily on digitalization. From the manufacturing process to the transportation of goods, the technology has impacted the industry. Consequently, cranes have been affected by digitalization as well.

Business Name: Unipac Equipment Pte Ltd

Country: Singapore

Address: 96H Jalan Senang, Singapore 418488


Contact No: +6565432166

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